Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hate These Rainy Days

But I guess they make you appreciate the really nice sunny ones. Can't believe it's so damn cold (45 degrees?) at the end of May. And it's supposed to rain all week. Time to buy more weed and booze. Anywho I've been reading a few good books and that helps endure this crappy weather. One is "The Assistants" a novel by Robin Williams. (No not that Robin Williams, this author is a young woman.) The book is about a group of young people who work as assistants to some stars, agents and producers in L.A. It is a SCREAM! Obviously the writer has done this type of work and it shows, the outsize egos, the ass kissing, the pure hatred. I worked as a temp for many years and I can certainly relate. I loved it. The other book is non-fiction, "Callgirl" by Jeannette Angell. The writer had some money problems, scrimping by teaching at community colleges in Boston. She has a Phd and decided to try being an escort as a sideline. It's really interesting the characters she meets. The money is good but my God the assholes she has to put up with. Some truly repulsive people. Who assume they can treat you like shit since they're paying the bill. As a young man I used to fantasize that if I were female I'd be a hooker since I like sex so much. This true account opened my eyes. I could never do it. Too much self respect. A typical hooker revelation, the most unattractive people are the most demanding. It's good.


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