Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Brother Johnny

Hi Gang. Had to make a quick trip to Milwaukee last week for my brother John's funeral. He was only 2 years older than me and we were close growing up. Seven kids in the Irish Catholic family. I shared a bedroom with him for about ten years, on and off. Johnny was the funniest person I ever knew. Period.
Let me give you two quick examples. My mother was super religious and we used to have a life size statue of St. Michael the Arkangel slaying Lucifer, who was in the body of a dragon. This was in the living room. In high school one of my buddies, Jim McCarthy, points to the dragon and says, "Hey John, you took a nice picture." John lifts up the tail of our dog Fred, exposing his asshole, and says "So did you." He was so quick.

Another time John and I are bullshiting about the future in our bedroom. John tells me I will eventually commit suicide for being a failure. I counter that no, I'm going to be the Big Success and John will commit suicide. Here John immediately sits down at the typewriter and knocks out my obit, in the style of Time Magazine, which was in its heyday. I still remember every word:
Brian (Seven Steps, They Lie In Wait, I Married A Pimp)Houlihan, of his own hand; he leaves one sister and five brothers, one of whom, John R., is believed to be the immediate successor to William Shakespeare.
I'm going to miss Johnny a lot.

Hey is anyone reading this? I have yet to receive a comment on this blog, good or bad, from anyone. Any kind of respond would be appreciated. Sort of validate my existance here, you know?


At 2:46 AM, Blogger Neil123 said...

And you shame me into comment
---my brother and I, there were just the two of us, were five years apart and never close. He is now in California, place unknown. It is rather sad. I envy your large family and closeness of your brother. Enjoy your photos, too. Neil Murphy


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