Monday, October 24, 2005



Hi Gang. Well I finally got an extended comment about this blog site and reading it, at first, was unsettling. I had Googled my name a few weeks ago and was noting most of the web references to my name that I was familiar with. Then I spotted a new one. A blogger, BlogBot, was posting a critique on his blog (http://blogforthecareless.blogspot.com/) about my site.

Here’s an excerpt: “Hardguy…Ah, a fresh new blog, NOT. Dear Mr. Brian Houlihan a.k.a. Hardguy because he couldn’t think of a more retarded name, takes pictures of random girls he will never sleep with. Because isn’t that what we all want? Some ugly douche of a man snapping pictures of people WE DON’T CARE ABOUT. Go ahead jackass…” ad nausem.

He goes on in this vein for two more paragraphs. My first reaction was shock. What is this guy’s problem and why does he hate me so much? My first reaction was anger. Then I decided not to react immediately. Give it some time and then come back to it. And I’m glad I did.

I read more of his “posts”. This guy hates everybody! Examples: Aug. 18, “Reality Bites…(and so does this lame blog.)” Aug. 19, “Desmond..(and his blog-o-crap)”, Aug. 20, “One Week Only…(destination: lame bullshit)”. At least I’m not alone. In his typical mean-spirited “review” of the blog Law and Alcoholism he even goes so far as to suggest that the author of this particular blog drink bleach to kill himself. What a sweetheart.

Of coursed by this time I was very curious about him. If, according to him, I am “an ugly douche of a man” then what does he look like? Guess what? No picture! Surprised? I’m not. Here is the corker: this wimp doesn’t even have the guts to fill out his profile. I mean, if he put up his picture and his personal information, then somebody might criticize him. WHAT A GUTLESS FUCKING WUSS!!

I have a mental image of this guy. An overweight 46 year old virgin living in his mother’s attic room, unemployed, but getting his jollies making disparaging remarks about the rest of the world. If anyone has any factual information about this guy I’d love to hear it.

One more thing. I’m starting to get a few comments on the blog and I appreciate that. What I don’t appreciate are people who leave a supposed “comment” that is actually just a plug for some blog they are connected with, usually some money making scheme. If you are going to leave a comment make it about the blog, nothing else. If you take the time to make a comment please have the courage to leave your real name, not anonymous. Otherwise you’re just like the ball-less wonder above who “writes” blog for the careless.

And no more racist drivel (i.e., “Exterminate All White People”??? I would have to kill myself.) either. I value people of all colors.


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