Friday, February 17, 2006


Hi Gang. I picked up a bad virus on my comptuer, Trojan.alemon, corrupted all of my files. What a nightmare! I have become so dependent on this computer, chatting with my Internet friends, keeping daily journals, posting to my photo blog, etc. Suddenly no computer. It was like having my arms taken away all of a sudden.

So it's wonderful to be back online. This is an ongoing learning experience. I did not back up nearly as many files as I thought I had. Plus, when I was reloading all the files that came with the computer (with their reload disc)I was unable to reload Microsoft Word!! They wanted the many digit code that came with the original CD. I can't find the MS CD to save my life. Have literally torn my apartment upside down. What a bummer! Will now have to go thru my copied CDs to see if I can rebuild it from Word files on that.

Anyway it's great to be back. You never really appreciate this stuff until it's gone.


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