Friday, July 07, 2006

Now In America's Bread Basket

Back In Chicago

Hi Fun Seekers. Well I made the long drive from New York to Chicago. But not without a snag. I had planned on leaving on the 26th of June, a Monday. So I have the movers coming and I walk over to the U Haul place to pick up the truck I have reserved. They ran my bank card but a check that I had deposited hadn't cleared the bank yet. So no truck until they get the cash. What a letdown. I felt so typically stupid. (I have a multitude of these moments in my life.)

So I reschedule the truck for Friday. This was on a Monday. I walk back to my place and tell the moving guys that I have to reschedule for Friday. Bummer.

But the real drag was the fact that I had already packed up every molecule of furniture, dishes, pots, pans, whatever. It was very uncomfortable. I had to open some boxes to get out shit like ice trays (as you might guess, this just accelerated my already Heavy Drinking Habit), a glass, an ashtray, a towel, etc.

Like living in a warehouse for five days. I will post a few pics of the apt full of packed boxes.

I put all my stuff in storage and right now I'm living in a hotel room in Oak Park, staying at The Carleton of Oak Park. It's not bad. They have WIFI in every room.

I lived in this neighborhood from 1996-98 so it is a bit familiar. My sister and her husband live in Oak Park and they're kind of my lifeline,which is wonderful. Nothing like friends when the chips are down.


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