Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday Surprise!

Had a wonderful day yesterday. Was just planning on visiting the Wicker Park neighborhood and taking some pics. When I got off the El at Damen and North Avenue I noted hundreds of people milling about below. There was a street fair/concert going on!! Yippee! For a street photographer this is like suddenly discovering a normal morning is actually Christmas morning!! And it was better than that. Sexy, gorgeous women all over the place.. Several funky rock bands, lots of characters, plenty of booths with good food and beer, lots of cold beer. What a sweet moment. One of the highlights, saw a guy wearing a goofy T shirt that sai: I LIKE TO DIP MY BALLS IN IT. This cracked me up. I went over to the guy, a young kid of about 28, and told him I loved the shirt. This guy lit up like I had just handed him an Academy Award. He was so happy. "Thanks Man!" It was that kind of day. Posted by Picasa


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