Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Missing New York


Well I've been back in Chicago, my home town, since July 2nd and it's not going well. Actually I'm just outside Chicago, in Oak Park. My sister Mary and her husband John live in the neighborhood.
I put all my shit in a U Haul truck and drove here from New York, then put it all up in storage. I'm living at The Carleton Hotel, in a long term room. While I look for a job and an apartment. The room isn't too bad but but there is no kitchen or fridge so you're forced to eat all your meals out. It gets expensive.
The job hunt has been just another exercise in humiliation and low self esteem. I've answered a lot of ads but no responses. This is just like living in New York without the benefit of being able to enjoy the city, hopping on the number 1 train and taking it down to Sheridan Square. Then going to Washington Square Park and taking pics of interesting people. Maybe smoking a j or two and the people looking more interesting. At least there was that.
Oak Park is nice but pretty tame. Just before I got fed up and left New York, I couldn't even get a job at Target. And I'm a college grad from a good school (Northwestern!). That was very disheartening. I thought it would be easier back in Chicago but that hasn't been the case so far. Maybe it's my age, 62. The thought has occurred to me that I may never have a job type job again.
I get a small pension from SAG and some social security, but it ain't much. So I've begun looking for an apartment closer to downtown Chicago. At least then I will be able to promote my photography more. I belong to the Chicago Artists Coalition and they have lots of venues to meet gallery people, agents, and how to get your work out there. I need to be around a lot of interesting people, artists, hot women, etc. I'm going to be looking for reasonable apartments in the Pilsen area. Hope that works out. There are plenty of emerging galleries in that neighborhood. I really miss making my own coffee in the morning and reading The New York Times and The New York Daily News online.
And having a girlfriend and fun friends to hang out with. Here's hoping.


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