Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Never Buy A Nissan

Never Buy A Nissan
I have come to live by the above phrase. For good reason. I was reminded of this the other day when I was applying for the apartment that I just moved into, in the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago.
Part of the process was running a credit check on me.
Nissan Motors Corp North America has a deliquentcy on my credit record which is totally made up and malicious on their part.
Let me elaborate.
In 2004 in Chicago I made a mistake. I was visiting some friends and also purchasing some weed. I love weed and I very much enjoy smoking it.
The mistake I made was not taking a cab home from my friend's house. We had been drinking wine for hours and I was pretty messed up. She asked if I was sure I could drive, and, like an idiot, I said "Sure. I'll be fine."
I wasn't fine. The cops stopped me, claiming I was weaving. Long story short, I get arrested. When the arresting officer found the weed on me he reacted as if I were Nicky Barnes in Harlem back in the day. (A major East Coast drug kingpin in the 1970s.)
They declared the weight of the "drug" to be "felony weight." The cops seized my car and I was tossed into Cook County Jail for 3 days. I had to hire an attorney and fight this in court. Foolishly, I assumed my car would be returned to me once I was legally bonded out of jail. Nope.
In spite of the fact that I had owned the Nissan Altima for two years and was current on the car payments, the Chicago Police Dept. turned the car over, not to me, the legal owner, but to Nissan Corp. My lawyer had handled many of these drug bust cases and had never heard of such a thing.
Get this: Nissan kept the car. Not only did they illegally keep the car, but they kept billing me for the remaining car payments. And they have continued to do so up until this day. Their collection agency keeps phoning and writing me harrassing letters asking for payment of $8,000 some dollars for a car they still have. They will never see another penny from me. The arrogance of these people is just mind boggling. If I were a rich man I would pursue this in court and I feel that I would win easily. There must be a way that Nissan makes money on this. Perhaps they resell the car and keep billing the legal owner? If anyone has any information about this practice I would love to hear about it.
When I told the real estate guy about the Nissan bad mark on my credit, he understood and I my credit was approved.
My lawyer hired an independent party to weigh the amount of weed that I was arrested with. It turned out to be a misdemeanor weight, not felony.
"Never Buy A Nissan!"
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