Saturday, July 14, 2007


Got a call from my ex wife Linda last night. Reminising about the 30 year anniversary of the New York blackout of 1977. That was like going thru a war together. We had just flown back from a trip to San Franciso. We had our car at the airport, La Guardia. None of the traffic lights were working. In Manhattan there were some volunteers directing traffic. Long waits to get thru the intersections. Our apt. on 57th St. was pitch black. No elevator, sweltering heat. We live on the 5th floor. Lugging our bags up the stairs. A New York moment. One of our neighbors came out of her apt. and offered us a lit candle to light our way up the stairs. Gretchen. We didn't even know her. We becamed good friends over the years. Linda remembered we had no food in the house. D'Agostino's opened the next day and it was very cool inside. The New York experience. Trudging through life. Right alongside your neighbors.


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