Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"Tony Rome"


Caught this early 60s Frank Sinatra flick on dvd last night. It was fun. Frank plays a private investigater in Miami who lives on a house boat, which he won in a card game. A rich guy's (Simon Oakland) daughter, who has a heavy heroin habit, hires Frank to find some of her missing jewelry. Of course he goes looking for it and finds lots of lowlife characters including a butch lesbian who slaps her glam girlfriend around the room, a woman who wants to hire Frank to find out why her pussy (cat) doesn't smile any more, which opens up lots of smiling pussy jokes, several murders and several hookers on the make. There is even a cameo by Shecky Green as a depressed mobster. The whole thing ends with an extreme closeup of Jill St. John's ass as she is bending over. It was that kind of a movie. A fun summer escape.
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