Monday, March 21, 2005

New York On A Hot Day Posted by Hello

New York On A Hot Day Posted by Hello

Spring in New York

The weather is still shit here but I am soo looking forward to Spring, warm days and hot women in scanty clothing. I live alone and this crappy winter has had me cooped up too much in my studio apt. Yesterday, rainy and soggy, I hopped on the subway and took it to Sheridan Square. Had lunch at Pennyfeathers, then bought some books and mags at Borders, then drinks at Boxers Bar and Grill. I took a few pics but it was so rainy no really "interesting" subjects out. One of the mags I got was the Feb/Mar issue of Black Book. The whole issue is devoted to diarists and bloggers and some are quite interesting. Irvine Welsh is my favorite living writer (along with Elmore Leonard) and his was amusing. His life sounds just like his books, lots of drinking and carousing. Asia Agento had lots of drawings in hers but my favorite was by Amy Sedaris, of "Strangers With Candy" fame. She lives alone but still has that oddball sense of humor. Think I'm going to subscribe. Great photography in the mag.
Looking forward to a beautiful, warm Spring day. Head over to Washington Square Park and take pics of lovely women all day long. Sublime.

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