Thursday, May 26, 2005

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Hate These Rainy Days

But I guess they make you appreciate the really nice sunny ones. Can't believe it's so damn cold (45 degrees?) at the end of May. And it's supposed to rain all week. Time to buy more weed and booze. Anywho I've been reading a few good books and that helps endure this crappy weather. One is "The Assistants" a novel by Robin Williams. (No not that Robin Williams, this author is a young woman.) The book is about a group of young people who work as assistants to some stars, agents and producers in L.A. It is a SCREAM! Obviously the writer has done this type of work and it shows, the outsize egos, the ass kissing, the pure hatred. I worked as a temp for many years and I can certainly relate. I loved it. The other book is non-fiction, "Callgirl" by Jeannette Angell. The writer had some money problems, scrimping by teaching at community colleges in Boston. She has a Phd and decided to try being an escort as a sideline. It's really interesting the characters she meets. The money is good but my God the assholes she has to put up with. Some truly repulsive people. Who assume they can treat you like shit since they're paying the bill. As a young man I used to fantasize that if I were female I'd be a hooker since I like sex so much. This true account opened my eyes. I could never do it. Too much self respect. A typical hooker revelation, the most unattractive people are the most demanding. It's good.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

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Spring Is Here Posted by Hello

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Spring At Last

Hi Gang. The weather has been dreamy lately and I'm loving it. Got a shock the other day when Linda, my ex, who still lives in our old apt. on 57th Street, off 9th Avenue, told me that The Ninth Avenue Street Fair was held last weekend. Whaa? This is one of my favorite events in New York. The people watching and food is extraordinary. And if you're a street photographer it doesn't get any better. Nothing about this in the newspaper, nothing on Tv. How weird. You think that they would promote it a little better. Oh well.

I've been jumping on the train and going down to Sheridan Square lately, to Washington Square Park, to people watch and take pics. Some good looking NYU coeds. One odd shot of a guy who appears to be sniffing the crotch of his girlfriend. I titled it Spring Is Here. You decide.
Two of my favorite bars in the Village are The Riviera, right at Sheridan Square, and a few blocks over, Boxers, which used to be Jimmy Day's. I really like hanging out in bars with interesting people in them. Both have lots of windows to check out the local talent going by. The bartender at The Riviera is Tom Loftus, who is also a cartoonist. A good guy with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Speaking of bars, another one that I like is on the West Side, specifically at the corner of Broadway and 108th Street, O'Connells. Had lunch there yesterday (they don't serve food but you can order delivery from several surrounding restaurants). It's surrounded by windows and the girl watching was quite nice yesterday. Funny how it always seems that the girl watching is better in other neighborhoods. Another thing, I live in Kingsbridge and none of the local bars have surrounding windows as in the Village or O'Connell's.
The hot weather brings out the pretty girls in scanty clothing and I'm a happy guy.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Brother Johnny

Hi Gang. Had to make a quick trip to Milwaukee last week for my brother John's funeral. He was only 2 years older than me and we were close growing up. Seven kids in the Irish Catholic family. I shared a bedroom with him for about ten years, on and off. Johnny was the funniest person I ever knew. Period.
Let me give you two quick examples. My mother was super religious and we used to have a life size statue of St. Michael the Arkangel slaying Lucifer, who was in the body of a dragon. This was in the living room. In high school one of my buddies, Jim McCarthy, points to the dragon and says, "Hey John, you took a nice picture." John lifts up the tail of our dog Fred, exposing his asshole, and says "So did you." He was so quick.

Another time John and I are bullshiting about the future in our bedroom. John tells me I will eventually commit suicide for being a failure. I counter that no, I'm going to be the Big Success and John will commit suicide. Here John immediately sits down at the typewriter and knocks out my obit, in the style of Time Magazine, which was in its heyday. I still remember every word:
Brian (Seven Steps, They Lie In Wait, I Married A Pimp)Houlihan, of his own hand; he leaves one sister and five brothers, one of whom, John R., is believed to be the immediate successor to William Shakespeare.
I'm going to miss Johnny a lot.

Hey is anyone reading this? I have yet to receive a comment on this blog, good or bad, from anyone. Any kind of respond would be appreciated. Sort of validate my existance here, you know?