Sunday, June 05, 2005

Revisionist History

I can't believe much of the public's reaction to finding out Mark Felt was Deep Throat. I think he is a huge hero to our country. Nixon was a crook, pure and simple. He should have gone to jail. And he very well may have if it hadn't been for the deal worked out by Congress and Ford's pardon to spare him. Now we have people like Mary Matalin calling Felt a traitor. What world were they living in during Watergate? I mean Nixon was such a very obvious crook to anybody with half a brain. This country has become so right wing it's getting a bit scary. Take for example the Bush White House still attempting to shove this jerk Bolton down our throats as our United Nations representative. To quote one of his former co-workers, he is the epitome of the "kiss up, kick down personality." Bolton is an arrogant prick according to many, many who know him. And that's not the type of guy we should have in a very delicate, diplomatic world body like the UN. Yet we have Republican senators like Richard Lugar blinding backing this jerk, who also looks like a walrus with that overgrown mustache.
Another thing I don't get is the public's fascination with Tom Cruise. This guy is nuts. Anyone who is into Scientology is nuts. In the late 1960s I did summer stock in New Jersey. When I returned to my apt in the East Village in the fall, my roommate Mike had let another guy move in with us, to lessen the rent burden. This guy was a Scientologist and it was a nightmare from day one. Phone calls at all hours of the day and night with women attempting to get you to sign up for very expensive Scientology courses. Scientologists coming over to the apt to convert us. I have hated this organization ever since. And I see no logical reason to stop now. I honestly think that anyone who is dumb enough to fall for this scam is nuts, or at least mentally defective. And here I include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Allen, and Michael Jackson. There is just something about Tom Cruise on these talk shows raving about his new very orchestrated "romance" with Katie Holmes that screams FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. So Tom Cruise is against anti-depressants and he criticizes Brook Shields for taking them while giving birth? Who the hell is Tom Cruise to tell anyone how to live? I also can't stand Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O'Donnell for kissing this guy's ass. It's just repulsive. Yeah Oprah is certainly our romantic role model. I have always felt that "boyfriend" Stedman Graham just sticks around to pick up a check. And it's probably a very big one.


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